All my work has been word of mouth since the late 90s, so I haven't invested time in a Flashy portfolio shell.
The links below provide an quick overview of my work.
Deluxe Digital's pocket BLU®
Lead architect and developer of the Mac/Windows client for Deluxe Digital's pocket BLU® platform.
Blu-ray™ companion app offering:
  • Virtual Blu-ray remote control functionality from any Mac/Win system.
  • Interactive timeline allowing direct access to supplemental and behind-the-scenes content during Blu-ray playback.
  • Video-on-demand purchase and playback system (since deprecated for marketing reasons).
  • Digital Copy download and playback.
  • Download and management of value-added content.
  • Customized per-film content including 3D model viewers of cars, props, and artifacts from films.
  • Streaming of trailer content.

Deluxe Digital's User Commentary system
Lead architect and developer of Deluxe Digital's User Commentary system.
User Commentary (2008-2010, now deprecated) was a web-based interactive video commentary system that allowed users to:

  • Record audio and video commentary on Blu-ray titles during synched Blu-ray film playback.
  • Upload and share their commentaries with other users.
    When activated, a selected commentary would appear as an inset (picture in picture) window during film playback on a user's Blu-ray device.
  • Compete in contests judged by the directors and producers of the films.

Interactive menu for Coca Cola marketing site
Flash-based menu system for a large marketing content site. Uses Javascript messaging between Flash menu and content frame Javascript to pass navigation and rollover events that arise from either context, keeping both in parallel synchronization.

Coca Cola splash page animation
Animated splash page for Coca Cola marketing site, with server XML-driven news display.

Chrysler Sebring Match game
Tile matching game w/ dynamic programmatic soundtrack, high-score lists, peer emailing, etc...
NOTE: The official site is no longer active, so high-scoring tracking will not work in this demo version.

EA Sim Pets interactive trailer
Jukeboxes Flash FLV video, compositing 3D rendered character animation into an interactive environment.

EA Madden Football 2008 - Two Minute Drill
XML-driven quiz game based on content from Madden Football 2008.

EA Burnout Dominator interactive trailer
Gritty interactive environment with video and animation.

EA Medal of Honor interactive ad banner
Simple 2-day project, but fun.

Video playback
Video player with streaming status feedback and robust dynamic scrubbing.

Burton interactive "Hardgoods" catalogs 2006
-- Boards
-- Boots
-- Bindings
Roll over the product icons to load beauty shots.
Menus in the upper right allow content filtering by multiple parallel contexts.
Click a filter option to activate it. Click active filter to deactivate it.

Burton Kit Connector 2006
Interactive clothing catalog that allows users to preview combinations of jackets, pants, fleeces, and first layers.
NOTE: This version runs with a tiny subset of the immense clothing database on the Burton site. The "Mens" section has more content than the others.

GUI Flowchart creation tool
GUI Flowchart creation tool, custom built for a client. System consists of two applications:
-- Editor for content creation, creates XML data description files and associated HTML Player wrappers.
-- Player for web and desktop (via AIR) delivery, reads and presents XML data created by Editor.
UI is bare bones design, as aesthetics were not important to client, thus no graphic design phase.
The Editor is designed to run as a desktop application via MDM's Zinc Builder platform. The desktop version has application menu for file management, editing, multiple undo/redo, help, etc...
Editor dynamically resizes when application window is resized. For this web demo, resizing the browser window triggers this functionality.

Microsoft Innovative PCs site
Uses Flash Displacement Maps to simulate Microsoft Vista's 3D animation.

CineSlide animation system
XML-based dynamic presentation system. Allows non-programmers to quickly script complex animation sequences via XML data editing.
Used on several Microsoft sites, extensively on eg:
-- Offers landing page
-- Partners landing page

3D Ocean Waves educational piece
Uses interactive Shockwave 3D to teach children the physics of Ocean Waves.
Grab and drag the 3D scene to rotate.
Controls on the left allow users to adjust the simulation and toggle dynamic 3D labels.

3D Topographic Map educational piece
Uses interactive Shockwave 3D to illustrate how Topographic maps work.
Grab and drag the 3D scene to rotate.
Click "R" to generate a new random 3D terrain.
Use the "dig/build" tools to interactively reshape the terrain.

HP Pong Banner
Considered Internet's first fully interactive advertising piece.
1997 Communication Arts award
1998 MC Icon Gold & Platinum awards

Outlook Express Banner
1998 Clio award

Nike Zoom Air
Interactive advertising for Nike's 1996 Atlanta Olympic games campaign.
1997 Communication Arts award